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The Wilderness release emotional new single “Fall (Despite What You Do)”

The Wilderness release emotional new single “Fall (Despite What You Do)”

Locked away deep in the snow-covered mountains of Elmore, Vermont for three weeks, indie-rock act The Wilderness utilized their time in isolation to create new music. Taking a break from a tireless touring schedule the six piece shared honest life experiences and produced genuinely emotionally riveting tracks. The first release from these sessions was released on July 19th, titled “Fall (Despite What You Do).” 

The rising act is comprised of lead singer Jonas Lewis-Anthony, keyboardist and percussionist Liam Neale, saxophonist Nicholas Lennox, lead guitarist Sacha Lansky, drummer Henry Lawrence, and bassist Karl Tombak. With members from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada, a wide variety of musical and cultural influences are blended to form a unique sound that is truly The Wilderness. “Fall (Despite What You Do) perfectly showcases all that is this amazing band, giving you a true look at what they’re all about.



“Fall (Despite What You Do)” is a beautifully delivered look at the real emotions swirling through a touring band’s soul. Entrancing in its nature, the buzz of a saxophone captures your attention while warm vocals carry you through the song with a firm embrace. As singer Jonas Lewis-Anthony describes “Certain things happen in life that spiral completely out of control and we often find ourselves powerless to the situation. Sometimes the only thing you can do is ride the wave of whatever happens and accept that sometimes, despite what you do, you’re going to fight a few battles that you will eventually lose.”

This single is the first of several to be released the remainder of this year from The Wilderness. The band has no signs of slowing down now with a breakout seemingly on the short horizon. Passionate and perseverant, The Wilderness have been taking North America by storm with their dedication to their band. As a band built on live performance, The Wilderness has mastered the art of grabbing attention. Their live energy is infectious and demands even the casual listener to perk up and get drawn into the excitement happening on stage. 

You can keep in touch with The Wilderness via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

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