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The Peter Ulrich Collaboration Set to Release New Record “Final Reflections”

The Peter Ulrich Collaboration Set to Release New Record “Final Reflections”

Renowned Member of Seminal Art Rock Band Dead Can Dance Continues to Put Out Intricate, Sophisticated Material As the Release of Final Reflections Completes The Painted Caravan Trilogy

Aug, 2019 (New York, NY) —  The Peter Ulrich Collaboration’s “Final Reflections”; the final chapter in the well received The Painted Caravan Trilogy, will be available for streaming and purchase on all the major services starting December 3rd, 2019 with an expected single and video for the lead track “Artificial Man” set to drop in the coming weeks.

As a special thanks to Collaboration fans, from September 16th until November 5th, the new album Final Reflections – along with the entire Painted Caravan Trilogy – will be available on a pre order basis at a special discounted rate through AIS Records; which is distributing Final Reflections and The Painted Caravan Trilogy under an exclusive license from City Canyons. Stayed tuned for a link for this very special discount with access to the entire Trilogy at one convenient location.

(The Peter Ulrich Collaborations LIVE)

The Peter Ulrich Collaboration is a collaboration helmed by Peter Ulrich, former percussionist for the iconic Dead Can Dance, the brilliantly innovative band that music historian Ian McFarlane described as world music that “constructed soundscapes of mesmerizing grandeur and solemn beauty… with African polyrhythms, Gaelic folk, Gregorian chants, Middle-Eastern mantras and art-rock”. Ulrich met Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, the founders and cornerstones of Dead Can Dance, in London in 1982 and joined the band on drums and percussion. After leaving DCD and after releasing a string of critically acclaimed releases as a solo artist, Peter’s next big step was The Peter Ulrich Collaboration.

The Collaboration is the brainchild of Ulrich and Trebor “Big T” Lloyd of City Canyons Productions as producer and a principal collaborator. The Collaboration mixes folk rock, world rock, art rock and psychedelic music with a world view that encompasses alternative history, fictional universes, Steampunk, and Goth, and recalls the exquisitely crafted soundscapes of Dead Can Dance. The group features songwriting by Ulrich, Lloyd, and New York songwriters Anne Husick, Sara Wendt and Kathy Sheppard among others with vocals by David Steele, Wendt, Ulrich, Jen Elliott, Shane Chapman, Stephanie Linn, Timothy Dark and other bright American and English talents. The vocalists are backed by a crackerjack band playing rock, post-rock, world and folk influenced music. After the release of two albums, thrilled New York Collaboration fans were were treated to a live performance by the band at Manhattan’s famous Webster Hall in 2015. Reviews for the first two albums were little short of spectacular:

“A rich and song-filled showcase”—RollingStone. com

“Grand mix of folk and world music”—Modern Drummer

“Riveting and intriguing”—Popdose

“A collaboration to be cherished”—The Independent

“Colorful and enjoyable record”—All Music Guide

Now following up their well received second effort Tempus Fugitives, about which Entertainment UK proclaimed “Sensuous wafting flights of ethereal fancy and finely-honed but never overstated lyrics are [Ulrich’s] forte , and after the first album in the trilogy The Painted Caravan made waves with its release as “another fine record that has been described as The Great Missing West Coast Album”, The Peter Ulrich Collaboration is delighted to be able to bring this story to a close, releasing Final Reflections as a worthy and compelling companion piece. 

While Final Reflections is chock full of notable songs, perhaps the most striking single, sung by the richly talented English vocalist David Steele, is Artificial Man; the Collaboration’s chilling look at a dystopian society in which creatures that are part man and part machine are on the verge of rebellion against their human overlords. Here’s a preview of the Artificial Man video with lyrics.

PREVIEW THE VIDEO FOR ARTIFICIAL MAN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXPq6abYq9U 



Over mortal men I tower

Fearless, full of power

But slave of my makers

Created by dark undertakings

I am their wondrous Adam

Yet I’d like to damn them

To the same empty hell where I am.


Their artificial man 

It’s hollow in my chest 

Where something weighty was 

A heaviness now gone, 

Where once sorrow touched me

A sorrow that is done 

Visited once by joy 

Though now there is none. 

An artificial man. 


Their artificial man 

There’s a hole in my head 

A trace of memories 

Mostly unremembered 

Near gone but not dead

Faint and dying embers

Edited history 

Selective mystery. 

An artificial man. 


Their artificial man 

Empty of all feeling 

But remotely recalling 

A time when I could feel 

Before the supple limbs 

Were cast in subtle steel 

Before love ran through me

Like the rain through a drain 

An artificial man. 


Created by dark undertakings

I am their wondrous Adam

Yet I’d like to damn them

To the same empty hell where I am.

With The Painted Caravan Trilogy now complete, Peter Ulrich brings his colorful Caravan home full speed ahead. All aboard for the final exhilarating trip!









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