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Rocky Spirit author and TotalRocky.com developer team up to launch new Rocky Movie fan poll

Rocky Spirit author and TotalRocky.com developer team up to launch new Rocky Movie fan poll

BestofRocky.com Awards:

Rocky Spirit author and TotalRocky.com developer team up

to launch new Rocky Movie fan poll

Monday, November 21, 2016

Philadelphia, PA – Yo, Rocky fans! Today, on the same date as the 40th Anniversary of the release of the original Rocky movie (Academy Award winner for Best Picture, 1977) an exciting new fan poll was released on the internet at www.BestofRocky.com. The website is a one-of-a-kind film franchise awards program conceived and developed through a partnership between a Rocky book author and a Rocky fan site web developer.

Felice Cantatore, author of the award winning book Rocky Spirit, the Rocky Balboa connection to success and Holly Nabil, a web developer of the leading Rocky film fan site TotalRocky.com have teamed up to bring the ultimate Rocky movie awards to the forefront. Together, both Rocky enthusiasts have a goal to place winner selections directly into the hands of the public and Rocky fans from all over the world.

The interactive voting website honors forty categories of the best of everything that the Rocky films have to offer through its historic run of seven films in the span of forty years. The BestofRocky.com awards feature categories such as “Best Actor in a Rocky Movie,” “Best Rocky filming location,” “Best Motivational Speech in a Rocky Movie” and so much more.

When asked about the idea for this entertaining voter’s poll, Mr. Cantatore replied “I believe that it all started back in 1977 when Sylvester Stallone fell shy of winning the Oscar for Best Actor at the 49th Academy Awards for his portrayal of the underdog fighter Rocky Balboa. The memory of that program was rekindled last year at the 88th Academy Awards when déjà Vu set in and Stallone again lost for Best Supporting Actor in Creed.” At that time, Cantatore who penned a story about the connection of the Rocky films to his own life decided that the Rocky franchise was big enough to be featured in its very own awards program. He also felt that voting should be done by the people who cared the most about the series of seven movies, the Rocky fans themselves. With that notion motivating the idea, the BestofRocky.com website was born.

The program itself came to fruition when Cantatore made a decision to partner with web developer Holly Nabil, the creator of the largest Rocky fan website TotalRocky.com. Nabil utilized her web design skills and strong knowledge of the Rocky movies to develop a fun interactive website. She claims that “every Rocky fan will enjoy participating in this exciting voting process.” She said that it feels like she gave birth to a second child with having TotalRocky.com and now BestofRocky.com in her portfolio. “It is my passion to share my excitement for these movies with fellow fans.”

The Voting period starts November 21, 2016 and will go to 11:59 p.m.on Saturday February 18, 2016. At that time, all of the votes will be tabulated and winners will be announced on Sunday February 26, 2016 utilizing a Facebook Live chat session from the famous Victor Café inPhiladelphia. The winner announcements will be delivered by Cantatore along with Mike Kunda, the #1 Rocky Impersonator in Philadelphia plus a few surprise special guests. In the end Rocky fans will deliver the winners of the best of everything from the greatest underdog film franchise of all time.

Felice Cantatore is a media executive and an award winning writer from Long Island, NY but he has adopted Philadelphia as his second home. The Rocky Spirit author is also a lifelong Rocky fan. As a child, he dreamed of being in a Rocky movie. The milestone was fulfilled when he became an extra in the 2006 film Rocky Balboa, as a high roller sitting ringside during the big fight scene. Cantatore, a first place media arts award winner from the Press Club of Long Island released his award winning book “Rocky Spirit, the Rocky Balboa connection to success” published by iUniverse in 2012. Cantatore’s book has been motivating readers worldwide and has received multiple positive reviews on amazon.com, a leading book selling website.


Holly Nabil is a website developer and President of a media company from Phoenix Arizona. Her vast skills in web design has afforded her the opportunity to produce TotalRocky.com recognized as the largest Rocky fan site on the internet that has earned the attention of many cast members and people related to the promotion of the film franchise.


BestofRocky.com is an exciting original website designed to capture the entertainment values and interest from fans of the Rocky franchise from around the world. For additional information about the website, please call (516)972-7055.

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