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Rick Eberle Agency & All Music Inc. Present Rising Stars Tour 2019 At Walt Whitman Shops® Saturday, June 8th

Rick Eberle Agency & All Music Inc. Present Rising Stars Tour 2019 At Walt Whitman Shops® Saturday, June 8th

Following Two Successful 2018 Shows, The Tour Returns with Up-And-Coming Talent Including Singer/Songwriters Sammi Rae Murciano, Penelope Robin, Jackie Romeo, and Robert Eberle for the “Long Island Day 2019” Celebration

With the official start of Summer almost here, some of the top music talent from Miami to NY is getting ready to invade one of the area’s premier malls once again as Rick Eberle Agency and All Music Inc. present their third instalment of the Rising Stars Mall Tour on Saturday, June 8th 12-4PM right outside of the Walt Whitman Shops® (160 Walt Whitman Rd, Huntington, NY)!

The “Long Island Day” event will feature live performances by Pop Singer/Songwriters including Long Island’s own Sammi Rae Murciano with Los Vegas, Jackie Romeo and Robert Eberle, and Miami’s own Penelope Robin! The artists will take the stage in the parking lot outside of Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, and each perform some of their hit songs along with a car show, food trucks, and more!

A Long Island native, Sammi Rae Murciano has been singing for four years, and garnering a ton of praise from audiences nationwide. Her strong and soulful voice shows an incredible amount of talent and dedication, yet knowing that you have to believe in yourself and have confidence to be successful has been her continued mantra. In her brand new single “Escápate the magnetic collaboration with Reggaetón artist Los Vegas  brings to life the sentimental romance often featured in Reggaetón hits with an energetically pumping backbeat and laid-back flow that is sure to make it a club favorite. “It has been amazing to work together. To collaborate with someone who has the same passion and dedication for music as I do.” says Murciano, “We are very excited for what’s to come and have a lot of new music coming soon”. Another recent single “Dream Bigger”, was released earlier this year and follows a  story of empowerment through knowing your worth in a relationship, which Murciano elaborated on saying “I have been broken and I have had my heart ripped into pieces. The hardest battle is what you know in your head and what you feel in your heart. Never settle for anything less than you deserve and choose what will make you happy.”

Penelope Robin is an 11-year-old singer-songwriter from Miami, Florida. She began acting as well as developing her musical calling at the age of 5. Her professional journey began to blossom after writing her first song ‘Little Bitty Heart’ which appealed to young audiences, and in turn, opened many doors in her career. The young artist has a loyal and growing fanbase that she has penned as her ‘Little Robins’ and is known on her social media as @thepennyrobin. Her YouTube channel has reached over 10 Million views and her social media continues to grow. This young talent has already shared the stage with music icons such as Phil Collins, Karol G, Yandel, Fat Joe, amongst others. Currently, she is working on new music she will be releasing this year for her fans to enjoy. She is also actively involved with various Foundations such as Crystal Academy, 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, and Celebration of the Sea; engaging, educating, and inspiring others about autism awareness, animal cruelty, and protecting our environment.

Jackie Romeo is a 16 year old vocalist from Massapequa New York. She’s been singing since she was born but three years ago Jackie’s life changed when she attended the Debbie Gibson Electric Youth Workshop.  There she truly found her voice and impressed everyone in the room including Debbie who has since become a mentor and calls Jackie the next Adele. Right after that she won her Middle School Talent competition and at 14 she decided she was ready to pursue a career in music.  This year alone she has performed on the legendary Apollo stage and was a finalist and audience favorite at the Gold Coast Arts Center Your Big Break competition. Jackie has been accepted and is excited to attend to the Long Island HS of Performing Arts this fall. You can follow her on all social media @JackieRomeoMusic.

A long island native, Robert Eberle has been singing for most of his life. At only 13, he began writing his own original music. His debut single “collect & change.” will be released really shortly. (Will be available on ITunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music) Robert Eberle is currently training in acting and voice. Make sure you stay tuned!

So on Saturday, June 8th, 12-4PM make sure to catch some of today’s newest and brightest rising music talents and MORE for the Rising Stars Tour on “Long Island Day” at the Walt Whitman Shops® (in the parking lot outside of Macy’s and Lord & Taylor)!

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