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Queens Exercise Guru Battles Obesity, Helps Veterans With Weight-loss Challenge “Love Yourself Naked”

Queens Exercise Guru Battles Obesity, Helps Veterans With Weight-loss Challenge “Love Yourself Naked”

NEW YORK — For fitness expert Jean “Geno” Sylvain, battling obesity through nutrition, health and overall wellness has been the main focus of his path towards helping both himself and others transform their lives through dedication, focus, and persistence. The Brooklyn native, originally hailing from Haiti, has been helping to empower others through nutrition and exercise for over thirty years as a successful gym owner. Now, with his successful food program The Abster Cookie challenge and other edible products, you can lose weight fast or get your money back GUARANTEED!

In addition to his skill as a trainer and motivator in the gym, Geno has also developed one of the most innovative products and programs currently on the fitness market – The ABSTER. Portable, lightweight and versatile, the Abster is able to enhance the abdominal core while simultaneously giving a full-body workout in both its in-gym and portable versions – which are accompanied by a series of exercises, food programs and edible products specifically designed to enhance and maximize the experience. Geno is so dedicated to making sure we all start losing weight that he even PAYS people to do so as part of THE ABSTER NETWORK – Each member receives $500.00 to lose 60 pounds or more using the Abster Products and Exercise Methods. (Money rewarded once the goal has been reached). This promotion has NO INSANE DEADLINE. You can LOSE WEIGHT AT YOUR OWN PACE. So, people actually get paid to get in shape! In addition, you can also Lose weight in 1 month with The Abster Cookie challenge. You are guaranteed to lose 15 pounds or more. If not, you will be refunded every cent spent on Abster products !

Here are the rules:

1.      Eat ONLY Abster cookies, nothing else, for the month, 3 – 4 cookies per day

2.      Drink 8 bottles of “Love Yourself Naked” brand water to reduce water weight

3.      Complement this diet with 1 cup of a special coffee and 2 cups of green special tea per day ( 3 cups of green tea if you don’t favor coffee )   To start send your informations togenosgenetics@gmail.com . Contact 718-793-0088 Geno for your abster products

Geno Sylvain’s fitness aids include:

• The Abster personal workout device for eight pack abs

• Nutrition books The Abster Meal Plan and Pay For It

• All-natural, gluten-free Abster Cookies (Pareve)

• All-natural, gluten-free Geno Energy Bars (Pareve)

A standout athlete who excelled at baseball, basketball and football, Geno has studied all aspects of health and wellness. In 1983 – as a competitive body builder and gym owner – Geno helped veterans and disabled Americans rebuild their lives and bodies through proper nutrition an exercise.

In 2001, Geno sold his Platinum Fitness gym – one of the first 24 hour facilities in New York, and opened Genetics, where he specializes in personal training as well as health and nutrition counseling.

Growing up on the streets of Crown Heights, Sylvain secured his status as an overall renaissance-man early on by giving it his all in the classroom and out on the court or field. As a natural athlete, he excelled in everything from basketball to football, track to bowling, and even found the time to spread his artistic wings as a saxophone player, Latin ballroom dancer, and fashion designer. After studying at York College, he was able to pursue his love for the ladder at New York’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

Sylvain’s athletic prowess later lead him to bodybuilding and weight-lifting where he would begin entering competitions at age 23, and by 26–through diet and exercise–would develop 8-pack abs and 80.4 kg of pure muscle. But as he advanced as a competitor he had noticed that many of his colleagues could not achieve the desired 8-pack abs which made him a standout in his field. By 1983, after opening his first gym, Geno began crafting his knowledge of building the bodies’ core from the bottom up into a state-of-the-art workout device.

Nine years on, and after opening yet another Gym in Flushing NY, Sylvain worked as both personal trainer and life-coach to his clients–many of which included Veterans and the disabled–who would use his knowledge to help rebuild their lives through proper nutrition and exercise. He would even go back to his roots as a fashion designer, starting his own line of apparel.

At his third gym, Rego Park NY’s “Platinum Fitness”, Sylvain’s training techniques would continue to garner a large following, and it would be the location in which his revolutionary product “The Abster” would acquire its name. Over more than a decade later, and after opening yet another Gym (Forrest Hills’ “Genetics”), the product and clothing line would grow and develop through several incarnations. From simple PVC piping and tenside cord to its current portable, light weight version- The Abster is able to enhance the abdominal core while simultaneously giving a full-body workout in both its in-gym and portable versions, which are accompanied by a series of exercises to enhance the experience.

With his thriving fitness businesses, the success of The Abster, his clothing-line, and even  a full line of nutritious snacks and accompanying book full of nutrition info–Sylvain truly lives up to his renaissance-man status and notable reputation as an overall fitness guru. Get up close and personal with Geno and learn some of the tricks of the trade at his expanded Genetics by Geno complex, located at 70-15 Austin St #3, Forest Hills, NY 11375.

For more information about Genetics by Geno, or to make an appointment to visit the facility, call (718) 793-0088 or log on to http://www.geneticsbygeno.com/

For more information, or for a sample of the Abster program and product line please contact Rick Eberle [AT] RickEberle.com or call 516-729-6872

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