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Occupational Octaves Featured in New Documentary About Autism & the Power of the Piano

Occupational Octaves Featured in New Documentary About Autism & the Power of the Piano

Team for Revolutionary Method for Teaching Instruments to Children with Special Needs Running IndieGoGo Campaign

LONG ISLAND, NY — When Max Watkins witnessed his severely autistic cousin Ruby at the piano, he was astounded. Ruby usually can’t sit still to do something as simple as eating a meal, and then there she was, playing classical piano music with a program named “Occupational Octaves Piano™.” Five years later, Max and his production company, The Coast Collective, have released the documentary “Occupational Octaves,” about program creator Lee Stockner, the language of music he has pioneered for special learners, and the stories of a few families whose lives have been changed for the better because of it. 

A scene from the special needs piano recital filmed for the documentary, “Occupational Octaves”

Lee’s company, Music Lee Inclined Guy, Inc., announced it is raising funds through a rewards & donations based crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to expand its current curriculum to include Occupational Octaves Drums™, Occupational Octaves Guitar™, and Occupational Octaves Bass™. The company has set out to raise $10,000 on IndieGoGo in order to finish development and publication of the first run of these books. The new material is already being used in an unofficial format at The Occupational Octaves School of Music, in Great Neck, NY. Lee’s work has previously been featured in Newsday and on Fox 5 NY.

PLEASE VISIT THE INDIEGOGO PAGE HERE: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/autism-music/x/22126148#/

Ruby, who has been using Occupational Octaves Piano™ for over 5 years, was the inspiration behind the film

The documentary, “Occupational Octaves,” tells the stories of Jason Wasserman (featured in first photo) and Brendan Yu, who are both diagnosed with Autism. Issues with communication, concentration and comprehension loom large for both boys, making common pathways of learning overwhelming. By adapting the music education environments to fit each student’s needs, plus using the actual Occupational Octaves Piano™ curriculum, Lee has provided something that is largely Special-Needs-User-Friendly. “We were not quite sure if Jason could successfully play an instrument. We were concerned about him reading notes with traditional music. When we met Lee and we saw his approach, we were hopeful that it would work and from the beginning, we saw he really did love it and he took to it,” says Jocelyn Wasserman, Jason’s mom. “I think that the piano has given him the ability to see something in himself he otherwise wouldn’t have realized. Jason doesn’t always know what to do with himself and those times can be challenging. Knowing he can always go to the piano when he comes home is a really wonderful thing for him.”

A student wearing the colored rings on the fingers, part of what makes Occupational Octaves™ 


“The purpose of a new language of music is to make music accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we use colored rings on the fingers and colored letters in rhythmically designed boxes to communicate the exact same instructions as songs written using traditional music notation,” says the method’s creator. “Once my system was established, I tried to replicate the experience my piano teacher created for me – same notes, fingers, beats, scales, exercises and songs. When I see Jason and Brendan playing the same music I played at my own recitals growing up while wearing the colored rings, I know that everything has been done right.”

Occupational Octaves™ creator Lee Stockner

Through their crowdfunding campaign, which is set to end on August 20, 2019, teachers, therapists, and parents can purchase the original Occupational Octaves Piano Books 1-3, pre-order copies of books 4-8, and pre-order the drum, guitar, and bass programs. Training packages, instrument packages, special individualized perks, and even a week long visit from Lee to a specific school/center are some of the other rewards offered. Non-purchase donations are welcome and encouraged as well.

Occupational Octaves Bass™ will be the first to use the rings on the fingers, and has been used successfully at the Occupational Octaves School of Music, in Great Neck, NY.

Lee has also made Occupational Octaves™ available through UnitusTI, an educational tech platform designed to provide high quality digital curriculum while easily organizing data for schools, hospitals, and organizations through their cloud-based system. “I see the future of special needs music education inside the classroom and therapy environment. With this new language of music that almost anyone with basic matching skills can use, we can use a mindful approach to enriching the lives of students while helping the jobs of administrators, educators, and parents function smoothly.”


PLEASE VISIT THE INDIEGOGO PAGE HERE: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/autism-music/x/22126148#/


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Facebook: The Occupational Octaves School of Music

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The Coast Collective – 

Email: thecoastcollectiveproductions@gmail.com 

Max Watkins (Producer)

Email: maxwatkins54@gmail.com 

Lee Stockner

Phone: 516-457-1111

E-mail: Lee@OccupationalOctavesPiano.com

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