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Gravity In Motion- Your All Inclusive Fitness Pass In One Location

Gravity In Motion- Your All Inclusive Fitness Pass In One Location

When you join a gym, sometimes the abundance of classes, workout routines and many other amenities they have to offer can leave you a bit confused and scatterbrained. You really just want to focus on losing weight, staying fit and being healthy but don’t want to go all over the board in order to do so. Well there is one gym that likes to say they are “Working out with a purpose, not just some random exercises”. This is called Gravity In Motion, located in Greenvale, NY. Located inside the Dany Holdstein Two Worlds “HUB” at Wheatley Plaza Shopping Center, Gravity In Motion is designed to allow yourself to reach your own goals with custom designed programs and classes to ensure you are hitting your potential. Both adult and kid friendly, they have classes perfect for each and can be a great setting for your kids next birthday party as a fun alternative to the simple pizza & cake type of scenario.

Gravity In Motion is the brainchild of former American Natural Bodybuilding’s Mr. Jr. USA Dave Concannon, a professional Fitness & Sports Performance Coach who has coached athletes at all levels including spending time as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for two time Heavyweight Champion of the World, Shannon Briggs.

In addition to being a owner/operator at Gravity In Motion and also the Director of Fitness at Two Worlds Fitness, Dave holds a B.S .in Phys Ed / Exercise Science, Certified -American College of Sports Medicine – Exercise Physiologist, Certified – IMG Academy -Ignite 360 Sports Performance Specialist, Certified -IYCA – Youth Speed and Agility Coach, Certified-Functional Movement Screen – level -1, Certified TRX- Group Suspension Training. He is also someone with an eye for talent as evidenced in the impressive staff he has put together for the launch of this exciting new venture.

For the Adult Programs, Gravity In Motion ranges in many different facets of fitness goals from Elite Conditioning, Kickboxing, Metabolic Training Series and Co-Ed Boot Camp just to name a few. Someone like me would most likely enjoy the Elite Conditioning, coming from a huge football background growing up. It is described as “Open level Conditioning. This is a class designed for the in-shape and injury-free individual. It includes advanced techniques to improve athletic ability and performance such as increased speed, agility, strength and stamina.” My sister, who just gave birth a couple of months ago, would find doing something-coed with her other half something fun and also a big focus on getting both of them back into shape, so either Kickboxing or Boot Camp would do well for them. Kickboxing is described as “This class will teach basic punches, kicks, knees, footwork, combinations and conditioning. Prepare to work on the heavy bag and get full-body workout. This class is a great place for beginners to learn their basic skills and a great place for advanced student to get some intense conditioning!

They also have a fantastic program for kids with similar programs in agility, conditioning and speed to name a few. They also have a mental training workshop- “This is a 6 week course designed to teach the fundamental mental skills of competition and performance including skills such as goal setting, positive self-talk, visualization, etc. each week the participants will be exposed to a fun, educational, and interactive learning environment where they are challenged to reflect on important performance cues. Additionally, participants will leave this class with a tangible plan on how to implement mental skills training into their sport experience.” This is something I would’ve loved to have had growing up to help keep myself energized in a positive way, especially in the sports world which at a young age can be a tough setting for some kids. What is great about both the kids and adult programs is that they are very affordable compared to the conglomerate and one off gyms that we see in and out ofNew York City.

This is a facility that I would highly recommend anyone trying out and seeing for themselves that it isn’t always the fastest person that wins the race, it is the one that goes at the best speed for them personally. Check out their official website (www.gravityinmotionny.com) for more information, including pricing, classes and facility hours.

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