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Gold Coast Arts Center Announces Upcoming “Lost & Found: The Art of Assemblage” Exhibition

Gold Coast Arts Center Announces Upcoming “Lost & Found: The Art of Assemblage” Exhibition

Celebrating the Work of Artist and Sculptor RJ Rosegarten 

Great Neck, NY (December, 2016) — On Sunday, January 22nd from 4-7pm, the Gold Coast Arts Center will be hosting an opening reception for their new exhibition “Lost & Found: The Art of Assemblage” displaying the works of RJ Rosegarten, who combines disparate objects and breathes new life and meaning into “the old”.


The exhibition, which runs from January 22nd – March 12th, 2017, involves Assemblage- the thoughtful combination of elements to create something new and original. Each process differs significantly when materials are chosen, collected, and combined with one another.


The thought process of RJ Rosegarten’s  techniques is to synthesize materials to produce a cohesive result. Lost and Found: The Art of Assemblage showcases three-dimensional assemblage pieces alongside one another to create a complex language.


Artist Statement From RJ Rosegarten:


“Just as I have reinvented myself a number of times in the past thirty years, so too has my art undergone a metamorphosis. Over the last ten years, it has moved from post-Pop paintings to a more muscular sculptural medium, where form and design take precedence over color.


Flea markets, garage and barn sales are entertainment in the country and have become an essential part of my new work with found objects. One day I might find a rusted scythe with a broken wooden handle; the next day a box of glass dolls’ eyes or a red View-Master. I put the material in labeled boxes and store them to be rediscovered.


When I select objects for a new composition, I may sit with them for days, moving them around like pieces on a chessboard until they take shape. Placement and balance are key. I remove pieces; add others, balancing shadows, shapes, textures and color until I know instinctively that the work is completed: the new composition has taken on another dimension, a unity of its own and gained strength and character.” www.rjrosegarten.com


Regina Gil- friend and Founder/Executive Director of the Arts Center – recently had this to say of the artist and the exhibition:

“In this latest chapter of his creative life, RJ Rosegarten draws upon the rich fabric of his imagination, strong art and design skills, and solid knowledge of carpentry that lets him execute what he already sees in his mind fully formed. And the results are impressive.

Here is a man who grew up in a small town, absorbing all the qualities of civics, ethics, and community values that one associates with such an upbringing. He married young, had three sons and led the life of the American Dream. He even went on to work in the Advertising world; that fabled Madison Avenue bastion of the creative idea sellers; but not as an artist, as a “suit”. So, without knowing it, he was adding to his arsenal of skills by including leadership, salesmanship, and public speaking to his repertoire. But he was fascinated by and engaged with the artists and designers.

When he left Advertising, he became a beloved and respected mayor of that same town, bringing his love of the town and business acumen to the job. He demonstrated that the world of politics and government were new fields on which he could impose his creative eye. As a result, the town grew and he was elected and re-elected time and again.

It was only when he left the town again, retiring from public life that he began to fully realize his longtime dream of being an artist in his own right. And he is an artist in the fullest sense of the word. Not only are his technical skills the very best; but his thoughts, ideas and vision are on display, inviting the viewer to enter his carefully constructed world; challenging the viewer to understand his point of view, to embrace it or to disagree.  A lifetime of thinking and living, of humor and wit, of deep, serious emotion and also of playfulness; the full range of the human experience in a construction of wood and found objects.

As a longtime friend, I am delighted to see RJ “Bob” Rosegarten come home to Great Neck. Without his friendship and assistance, mentoring another dreamer through the shoals of politics, fundraising, and community engagement, it is doubtful that this Gold Coast Arts Center could have found its home here. It seems fitting that we honor him with this exhibit that introduces the people he served as mayor to the man he is now —  the artist.”

The Gold Coast Arts Center–located at 113 Middle Neck Rd– is excited to present the incredible works of RJ Rosegarten during their opening reception Sunday, January 22nd from 4-7pm through March 12th, 2017!

For More Information CALL 516-829-2570 or VISIT: www.GoldCoastArts.org

For Press Inquiries, CONTACT: Ryan@RickEberle.com

More About the Gold Coast Arts Center:

The Gold Coast Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the arts through education, exhibition, performance and outreach. For over 20 years we have brought the arts and arts in education experiences to tens of thousands of people throughout our region through our (1) School for the Arts, which offers year-round classes in all visual and performing arts to students of all ages and abilities, (2) Free public art gallery, (3) Concert and lecture series, (4) Outreach programs, which each year bring artist residencies, after-school programs, school assemblies, teacher training workshops and parent-child workshops to students, senior citizens, teachers and others in underserved communities throughout our region, (5) Year round film screening and discussion series and (6) Gold Coast International Film Festival. The Arts Center is an affiliate of the John F Kennedy Center for the for the Performing Arts: Partners in Education Program and National Gallery of Art, both located in Washington DC.

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