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Cornucopia Announces The Return of “Super Bowl Pet Foods”

Cornucopia Announces The Return of “Super Bowl Pet Foods”

Just In Time for Super Bowl LI This Sunday and FOR A LIMITED TIME- The Organic, 100% Natural Pet Food Brand Will Bring Back Their Nutritious and Delicious Eats That Are a Surefire TOUCHDOWN for Your Pet’s Health!

“Super Bowl Pet Food” Labels Drawn by Renowned Artist Andrew Krance Are an Added Keepsake to this Limited Time Offer!


Huntington, NY (February, 2017) — If you’re like most dual pet and football lovers, this Sunday’s festivities will include not only tuning in to watch the ultimate NFL showdown, but maybe a bit of the adorable “Puppy Bowl XIII” with your own four-legged friends. And if that’s the case, why not offer them the BEST there is in delicious–but more importantly nutritious–pet food? Cornucopia Pet Foods, created by practicing veterinarian for 48 years and veterinary nutritionist Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick, will be offering his “Super Bowl Pet Food” for Pre-Order, for the first time in decades, right on game day- this Sunday, February 5th through www.CornucopiaPetFoods.com before being available EVERYWHERE this Spring!


Cornucopia’s “Super Bowl” food tackle’s all other leading brands bringing your pet canned food created from non-GMO, certified organic, human-grade ingredients and wild-caught fish and is free from antibiotics, hormones, rendered meats and meals, and carrageenan!


Preventive nutrition is the first line of defense against disease and aging for pets, and a perfect diet is the best thing you can do for your pet. With “Super Bowl” food–much like their human athlete counterparts this game day– your pets can live longer healthier lives by building, enhancing, and maintaining a healthy immune system.


As an added bonus, renowned artist Andrew Krance has drawn the labels for this limited addition to the Cornucopia line, adding an invaluable collectable element to the healthiest choice in pet food around! Krance has been painting oils and acrylics for about 50 years, in various styles, often reflecting various influences. His iconic paintings have been exhibited in various galleries and museums including group shows at the Milwaukee Art Center and Oshkosh Public Museum as well as various private collections.



This unique approach to nutrition helps pets live longer, healthier lives. “I believe that Preventive Nutrition is the first line of defense against disease and aging and that a perfect diet is one of the best things you can do to secure lasting health for anyone. That’s my promise to you. This is the new paradigm in health care for pets, this is ‘health assurance’, and this is my gift to my children, the animals of this world.” says Dr. Broderick.


Broderick, or “Doc” as he is commonly known all over the world, declared the commencement of the natural pet food movement  at the Health & Nutrition Expo in New York City in the early 70’s, and has been creating products free of chemical additives, artificial colors, flavors, sugars and MSG ever since. His award-winning formulas are sold around the world and recognized as the first pet foods that use Preventive Nutrition to actually help prevent disease in animals. Super-Food antioxidant and Phyto-Food immunity support are two Probiotic formulas that represent the culmination of nearly 50 years of Doc’s veterinary medical practice as well as research and worldwide search for the ultimate combination of ingredients to ignite the immune system in cats, dogs and other animals.


So with the big game on the way and your pet by your side, don’t sit on the sidelines when it comes to their health! “Super Bowl Pet Food” will be available for Pre-Order this Sunday, February 5th!


($39.99-a-case pre-order opportunity means more savings and better health for you four-legged friends!)


For More Information on Dr. Broderick and to Pre-Order Cornucopia’s “Super Bowl Pet Food”, VISIT: www.CornucopiaPetFoods.com or CALL 631-427-7479.

Although Doc Practices in New York, He Offers One-On-One Personal Consultations to People All Over the World!


To Purchase Your Own Autographed Copy of “Compassion for Pets”, VISIT: http://bit.ly/2gJg5If



Twitter: @CornucopiaPet

Cornucopia Pet Food YouTube Channel


For Press Inquiries, CONTACT: Rick [AT] Rickeberle.com


More About Dr. Geoffrey Broderick:


Doc’s work, however, has far surpassed his Long Island based clinic and efforts to produce quality nutritional food for pets. In February 1997, he traveled to Calcutta after being invited to teach people how to feed masses of animals in India by a group called Compassionate Crusaders Trust. While there, he met with many people in academia, business, the banking industry, and those involved in feeding and sheltering homeless animals. The most striking individual with whom he spent time on several occasions, was Mother Teresa. Upon meeting her, Doc explained that he was there to help the hungry and homeless animals of Calcutta, as well as all of India. Mother Teresa (who the Vatican recently declared a Saint) looked at him and said, “What about the children? Remember the children. Don’t forget the children.” to which he replied, “But Mother, the animals are my children.” They met on several occasions after that and had many discussions regarding Doc’s work with the animals, the children, the homeless, the hungry and the poor. In this spirit, Doc has donated thousands of dollars of food to animal shelters throughout his career. Having had such a profound experience, it continues to push Dr. Broderick towards his passion for helping animals as well as his worldwide humanitarian efforts. His new book “Compassion For Pets” is 232 pages of a money-saving, grief-saving, lifesaving, groundbreaking efforts uncovering the dirty secrets of the commercial pet food industry and offering enlightening and insightful information regarding proper pet nutrition for both dogs and cats, helping thousands of pet owners give their companions the absolute best and increase both the quality and duration of their lives.

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